Applying to Highly Selective Colleges & Universities

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Led by Tom Campbell (former Pomona College Admissions Officer).

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Recently, we asked our community: “What area do you most need support with?”


The top answer? Highly selective admissions. By a landslide.

However, less than 1% of U.S. high school graduates enroll at the most selective colleges (the Ivies, MIT, Stanford, UChicago and Caltech, etc.) 
At the same time, these realities don’t stop students from applying in droves, despite this being just one of many paths students can take when applying to college.

So we thought: wouldn’t it be great if we offered a course that empowers and informs students with their sights set on selective schools, with an “inside look” at how these admissions decisions are made? And how to best advocate for themselves in the application process?


And so, the "Applying to Highly Selective Colleges" mini-course was born.


Led by Tom Campbell, this course covers all things highly selective admissions. Students and families will leave with a clearer understanding of the current selective admissions landscape (and what’s changed in recent years), an inside look at how admissions officers read applications, and case studies of successful applicants.


We'll help you:

Demystify the highly selective admissions process and gain clarity around what these institutions are looking for.


Learn how to demonstrate your unique skills, qualities, values and interests to highly selective institutions – and why that matters.


Bring more ease, purpose and joy to your college process – especially if you have your sights set on selective schools.


-Lauren, Student, Course attendee

"If you want an accessible, compassionate, and transparent approach to the wild world of selective college admissions, look no further."


Applying to Highly Selective Colleges & Universities

An On-Demand Online Video Course by Tom Campbell of College Essay Guy (and former Pomona College Admissions Officer)


This course covers all things highly selective admissions: what these institutions are, what they offer, why you may consider applying, what they’re looking for, and how the process works.


I'll also cover:

  • Data that helps illustrate the reality of applicant pools at highly selective institutions
  • Visuals and analogies to help better understand the nuances of the competitive college landscape
  • Case studies and examples of students who’ve been successfully admitted to highly selective institutions (as well as examples from competitive applicants who were rejected)
  • A “behind the curtain” look at the most common reading process and workflow at highly selective colleges (called Committee Based Evaluation)
  • Brainstorming exercises and writing techniques to help you crush one of the things you have the most control over when applying to selective colleges: your story
  • Lots more
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We'll help students and parents answer questions like:

  • What are selective college admission officers looking for?
  • Who typically attends these types of schools?
  • How different are the application processes and priorities at these schools? Why are they so competitive?
  • How much do the different application components (courses, grades, test scores, activities, recommendations) matter?
  • Is it possible to “chance” myself at these colleges?
  • I’m an international student with high financial need, and highly selective institutions tend to be the only ones with aid policies that would fully fund me. How does my process differ?
  • What are the biggest myths about highly selective admissions?
  • How much do “hooks” matter at highly selective colleges? And if I don’t have a hook, what should I do?
  • Is applying to highly selective colleges even worth it?
  • What types of scholarships are available at highly selective colleges?
  • What role do essays play at highly selective colleges?
  • How many of these schools should I apply to, and how do I juggle all the work that comes along with it?
  • What do successful applications look like and what do these applicants do differently?
  • If I started thinking about this relatively late, is it “too late” for me to be competitive—and how can I know?
  • How many highly selectives should I apply to (if I do decide to apply)? How many schools in general?
  • Is test-optional legit?

What folks are saying about this course:


“CEG is undoubtedly the best resource for anxious college applicants. They make the process exponentially easier, less stressful, and rewarding to go through. If you're on the fence about it, go ahead and commit. Every person involved genuinely wants the best for their applicant and will do their best every time they meet with you."


- Brandi F.


"I’m so grateful for the information I learned during the mini course on highly selective admissions. I have a much clearer understanding about institutional priorities and the process admissions officers experience. What a difficult job! —-I also appreciate the links sent for homework. Especially appreciated the link for understanding financial fit in college-Buyers and Sellers."

- Janna

"This course was wonderful! The content and depth of information was incredibly helpful. I appreciate Tom’s insight and openness about the process. I’m looking forward to the bonus session!!"

- Laurie


Meet Your Facilitator

Tom Campbell has reviewed thousands of college essays and applications and interviewed countless students as an admissions officer at Pomona College and the College of the Holy Cross. He also works on CEG's internal college essay review committee where he provides insight and practical feedback on college essays and applications. He has also worked as a college counselor at a selective independent high school and understands how challenging writing about oneself can be and how high stakes it can feel — you’ll find nothing but empathy and solidarity from him as you craft your narrative.


Watch a preview of the course

In this clip, Tom covers what students can do when they don't have a 'hook' or meet one of a college's institutional priorities.


Discover what colleges are looking for and how to stand out.

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